The Organizational Chart for 2012
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  1. DESCRIPTION: This file shows the anticipated organizational structure for MFC as of 2012.
    1. Not all of these positions will be "in play" at the opening of the new facility; some may be brought on only as the need and available income allow.
    2. Some of the boxes represent functions that may be satisfied by outsourcing, consultants, part-time employees, or even by committees. In other words, do not equate each box with a full-time employee.
  2. PURPOSE: Like any organizational chart, this one attempts to show how the work will be divided up, and how it will be coordinated across diverse groups. It is intended more to support useful conversations about how to get the work done.
  3. Downloading the file.
    1. From here the reader could access the entire organizational chart for the agency. The strategy was to think backwards from an ideal structure defined for 5 years out rather than incrementally adjusting the current structure to accommodate new programs and staff.
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