Definition of Market Panels
General and technical information needed to secure an appropriate sample for each relevant population. The final choice of which market panels to pursue -- and which to develop first -- would require a discussion with staff.
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  1. Current Members
    Members of the MFC prior to anticipated move.
    1. PURPOSE: Establishing a reference point on quality of programming and member service. One of the strategic objectives promises to greatly exceed the baseline evaluation of programming and to maintain the baseline evaluation of quality of member service.
  2. New Members
    Members acquired after the move to the new facilities; a more heterogeneous population attracted to the newer facilities and more expansive programming.
    1. PURPOSE: Measuring quality of programming and member experience for new members compared to initial baseline.
  3. Centers of Excellence
    All are used for measuring market ranking and research in support of program development.
    1. COE: Family and Step Family Education
      Parents and children dealing with the demands of family life and the special demands of blended families.
    2. COE: Prenatal & Early Childhood Health
      Parents desiring well-baby education and medical care
    3. COE: Marital & Relationship Counseling
      The general population in need of professional counseling.
    4. COE: Arts & Culture
      Adults seeking sophisticated entertainment options in the Miramonte area
    5. COE: Sex Education & Health
      Individuals of all ages seeking information and advice on sexual functioning, sexual relationships, and other sexual issues.
  4. Special Target Populations
    1. Teens in the Miramonte area
    2. Gay / Lesbian / Bisexual / Transsexual members of the Miramonte community
    3. Empty Nest couples
  5. MFC Staff
    1. PURPOSE:
      1. To measure the onboarding experience of new hires
      2. To test treatment of employees as specified by the Board
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